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      The place to introduce yourself and sign-in to Yggdrasil or Valhalla

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      Forum concerns, FAQs, and any questions you may have regarding the forum, the region, or NationStates. Feel free to ask for help

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      What’s going on in your nation and your neighbors? Update the region and the world with newscasts, newsletter reports or releases. Also Current Events, Adventure, Intrigue, and Human Interest Stories

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      Establish relations with other nations; discuss day-to-day politics; and make your proclamations to the region here.

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      Discuss Economic and Trade issues with other nations here! International Business deals, Corporate News, and Joint Ventures can also be discussed

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      This is where nations can create and post maps of their nations.

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      Consider this a Yggdrasilian wiki, where you can set your nation's profile, its history, government type, culture, religion, population, economic power, technology levels, etc.

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    1. The World Assembly

      World Assembly Home of the Delegate and all WA nations. Discuss WA issues, vote in the poll to determine how the delegate votes, talk about proposals or write one yourself.

    2. Regional Events and Activities

      In here you will find the region-wide OOC events and activities, such as Best Flag Contests, Regional World Tours, etc. organized for both Valhalla and Yggdrasil

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    1. Valhalla Hall

      The regional forum of Valhalla, for discussion of all matters pertinent to the region.

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      This is where Valhalla keeps in touch with friendly regions and allies

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      For discussion of matters of regional importance

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      The place to relax, have a beer, and chat about anything in the real world!

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      Spam spam spam! This board will handle all games, spam, quizzes, and other fun initiatives

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      Collection of the best quizzes and polls on the net

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      The Grand Debate Hall is where all are invited to debate current events or philosophical issues, whether political, religious, economic or otherwise. Please follow debate rules when posting

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      The home of important documents relating to the region's history, passed laws, and other important writings

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    • Please allow me to clarify our relationship with Warzone Europe as it appears to me that you have acquired a false impression of the situation somehow. In 2014, Astarial of Equilism (and TNP) made it her mission to turn a Warzone region into a real community and she did just that in Warzone Europe, becoming the region's Empress and Head of State. After successfully building that community up and it adopting a constitutional framework for a legal system, she resigned her Empress position to be ceremonial in nature. The Head of Government in Warzone Europe since then has been Governor Apulita, who was elected by the citizens of the region. Astarial also used her position within Equilism to convince others in the Second Commonwealth to grant protectorate status to Warzone Europe, so that her effort could take advantage of Equilism's military strength and standing on the world stage at the time. In exchange for overseeing Warzone Europe's security, Equilism has full control over the region's foreign affairs. Warzone Europe may not enter into alliances or wars without Equilism's permission. However, we do not interfere with any of their internal affairs (including recruitment). Furthermore, Warzone Europe even has the right to appoint a representative to Equilism's legislature (which is currently the Town Hall, at the time of the original treaty it was the Senate), who can vote on our internal and foreign affairs, as there is always the possibility they may affect their region in some way as well. Warzone Europe is free to leave this relationship at any time. At this time and for the foreseeable future, Warzone Europe is Equilism's only protectorate and it is the only protectorate we have ever had. There were some in the Township that argued we should abandon this relationship, as we had no military with which to rightfully call ourselves a benefactor. I answered this with the call to rebuild the E-Army so that we can fulfill our obligation to defend Warzone Europe.